Welcome home


As women our bodies are sacred. They are meant to be honoured, respected and loved.

Yet most of us go through our lives thinking there is something wrong with us, that we have to
change our bodies and the way we look to be loved, that we have to prove ourselves in some way to be worthy
of receiving love from others.  

Instead of nourishing ourselves we may spend our energy looking after others. It may make us feel
good when others need us and we may feel empty when they don’t.   

We are being told that we
“should” love ourselves, yet the message we have been given from a very early age is that it’s
selfish to put ourselves first and it’s bad to be selfish. We have also been brought up by mothers
who didn’t know how to care for themselves so couldn’t teach us.   

We may keep ourselves distracted and busy so we don’t have to feel what is really going on in our
bodies and lives. Deep down we know something isn’t right, but it is too frightening to face. It’s
easier to stay in the known even though it hurts. Most likely our childhood was painful and we are
so used to it that it becomes normal, pain and sacrifice becomes part of life.   

We may think or complain to others  about the things we aren’t happy about: husband, kids,
friends, works etc. If only they would change our life would be much better, yet we don’t take
responsibility for the part that we co-create in these relationships.  

Motherhood may be a challenge for us. We are trying to be the “perfect” mother or what we
define as the perfect mother and no one taught us this either. We often end up over giving and not feeling our needs are being met. We may be in a relationship where we feel we have to mother our partner too. Maybe we resent our kids and partner for all
the things we have to to for them even though we have co-created this too.  

Physical or emotional tension may be present in the body, disease may appear. We may take
medication or have surgery to help us eliminate this, but the root of the cause is not addressed. 


My dream is to help all women reconnect to themselves and feel empowered. To know the
true worth of who they are and during this journey to be kind and gentle to themselves. It is
a journey home to the woman you came here to be. You are sacred. You are blessed. Even
though you may not feel this yet.


Some of the things I can help with are:   

* How to care for yourself
* Set healthy boundaries
* Finding your voice
* Release what you no longer need
* Knowing your worth
* Stress related issues
* Finding joy 

* Discovering sacred sexuality
* Connecting you to your body
* Transform trauma imprints
* Discovering pleasure
* Restore balance in the body

* Issues around sexuality including pain and numbness
* Create and manifest what you want in your life
* Improve intimate and other relationships
* Bring flow into your body
* Feeling connected with your own divine self
* Feeling safe in your body 

* Urinary incontinence
* Menopause
* Painful periods
* Sexual abuse
* Incest
* Rape
* Postpartum healing