My Journey


My journey has become an exploration of myself that started in my mid 20s. I later delved into
NLP and hypnotherapy which did serve me at the time, however it was not until I started working
with the body and breath that huge changes started taking place.

The body never lies, everything is stored here and bringing consciousness and attention to
everything that is going on in my body is key. I also feel that I don’t need to know and learn new
things, the less I do and the more I drop into myself the more I start to remember who I really am.
All the answers I need are there inside me.

And let me say it is not an easy journey. To stay true to myself I had to start doing things I really
didn’t want to do. Being a people pleaser it was easier to say yes and do whatever was wanted
than staying with the guilt I felt when saying no. But by saying yes I was saying no to myself and
every time I did that I lost a little more of myself.

The deeper I dig into all the things I have stuffed deep in my unconscious the more I have to own
these and share them with others to rid the shame I feel around them. I went most of my life
thinking I had no anger in me, that I was compassion and love. Yes I am that but I also have anger
and rage and it feels good to own that too. Little Lisa regularly appears and I honour and respect
how she feels as she is an important part of me.

I have gone from looking at others to heal me to knowing that I have all the resources I need to
heal myself. Of course I still need support and guidance and it is very important for me to receive
this from someone who I feel safe with. I feel very grateful for all the amazing support I have
around me.

I know in my heart that there is nothing wrong with me I am here learning and expanding every
day releasing what no longer serves me. I know that I am enough in all my not enoughness. I slow
down and breathe which helps me feel into my body. Everything I experience and feel is valid. I
spend time honouring myself and my body. I prioritise things in my life that make me feel good.


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