I really loved your presence and guidance… I value and honour your work and what you bring to the world.. it was a very special experience 🙏❤️ thank you! Mary 


“I originally met Lisa through chance. After two years of a downward spiral, I had hit rock bottom. It seemed like an endless chain of trauma and rejection. I felt completely lost. Numb in all senses of the word, completely disconnected from myself, my relationships and the universe around me. Truly at a loss for purpose and direction. I was so nervous initially, but I needn’t have been apprehensive. What I found in her was something I hadn’t been able to find in countless therapy sessions, medication and pretending to be something I wasn’t. She continues to be a safe space to be vulnerable. Non judgemental, unassuming. unconditional love I didn’t even realise I was craving and a true friendship I didn’t know I was looking for. She allowed me to realise I was allowed to ask for what I wanted, that my worth didn’t rely on what I did for others but what I allowed for myself. It seems odd that at 24 years old this would be foreign, but we are rarely taught its ok to serve yourself first. She has encouraged me to speak my truth and be the most genuine version of me. To do the things that make me happy and embrace what I feel. Everyone will always have work to do in their spiritual journey, but I am eternally grateful to her for allowing her to start mine and will forever appreciate her coming into my life.” 

Lots of love Rach 

My breathwork session with Lisa was absolutely mind-and-body blowing!!! I was amazed at the power of simply working with the breath. It took me to such an expanded state of awareness, allowing me to feel the energy flow in my body, it allowed unprocessed traumas to arise and to be released.  I felt completely held, safe and cared for by  Lisa who guided me through the process so beautifully. Her holding enabled me to let go into the process, knowing that I was supported. I had tried breathwork before and been unable to access the deeper levels that Lisa guided me to. Thank you so much for Lisa for all you bring.   Kate


I’ve experienced many breathwork sessions but clarity breathwork with Lisa was exceptional- in a sense it opened up a lot more than any others. It connected me not only to the upper chakras but most of all it grounded me in a safe space which is my body and it’s unique pulsation in this world. Lisa has a unique capability which allowes one to feel truly accepted, loved and cared for. Her vibration is very high and I feel her presence bringing the loving mother quality which most of us miss in our interactions with our birth mothers. Her sessions encouraged me to do steps in my life which I would otherwise not feel brave or strong enough to do on my own. It was not a push that I needed- it was unconditional acceptance which I feel in Lisa’s presence.  Spela 

Dearest Lisa
Where do i start?! I am so grateful for everything I have learnt from you. Starting with coming to
your session, and then the continuing help you gave me in the workshops you made afterwards.
You are a real example of how to heal and let go. You started me on a journey I never thought
I would have the courage to face. You have changed my life and I will be forever indebted.
If anyone out there is unsure whether to meet with Lisa, I am the first person to give a call to. I am
positive she will be able to help you.
Thanks for giving me back my life!  Debra

The loving nurturing care that I received from Lisa during the session was in itself phenomenally
healing. I felt that I was held in the safest of spaces and trusted Lisa implicitly. This allowed me to
sink into a complete surrender state which I believe was a necessary prerequisite for my
experience. I felt a ball of heat build in my pelvic area that moved distinctly up my body and
exploded. My arms stretched up and out to allow the resulting energy (which had the force of a
power jet) to shoot out of the ends of my fingers and out of the top of my head. I was drenched in
sweat and sobbing throughout the experience which felt like it lasted for a few minutes but was
actually about 20. It completely blew my mind. I had no previous conception that a human being
could have such an experience. It felt as if I had tapped into the universal cosmic energy source. It
was by far the most incredible experience of my life. The feeling of euphoria, balance and
understanding that followed was exquisite. Thank you Lisa.  Sola

When I first met with Lisa, I did not know what to expect or if indeed this would be beneficial to
me. How wrong I was. There were no expectations, no pressure, no right or wrong. Lisa totally put
me at ease and worked with my needs. Lisa provided a warm, safe and a loving environment
enabling me to relax, enjoy and grow. Through her love, patience and non judgement she has
helped med to begin to become a better person for me and those around me.  Clara