I write this in deep gratitude for my divine lover, you know who you are. I feel so grateful our paths have crossed, I know it was part of our souls journey, meeting you was like pulling a joker card. The moment I first felt you I knew we had met before and that we were meant to have experiences together in this life. I saw your strength and beauty and also the pain that you carry, I saw you as whole.

I am so grateful for the way you could hold me when emotions were souring through me. I love how I could trust you to not overstep my boundary, you have no idea how much that meant to me and the healing process for everyone past, present and future who ever had or will have a boundary overstepped. I love how you could accept me even though you thought I was a bit loopy.

I am so thankful for the clear mirror you were for me, how I could see all my wounding come to the surface and not project it onto you. How I could be fully responsible for all that I was experiencing no matter how painful it was. I loved how I could share my deepest darkest pain with you and feel so small and broken.

I appreciate how we could accept and not try to change each other. You pushed me slightly physically and I you emotionally, but we honoured the other totally. In previous relating I notice how I would try to fix and change the other to become what I thought was necessary for us to be happy. With you I didn’t need to do that, I saw you as whole. 

I love how we were 100% honest with each other, that there were no games to play, only our true selves to be. I also love how that meant it was time to part because we didn’t want the same as each other. How we could honour our own needs and not get lost in something else. This is a big one for me, it was very easy for me to go along with what was there because it was SO precious, but ultimately I wanted more and I knew I had to walk away from this to make room for what I want to enter my life. I love how you also honoured yourself and what you wanted. 

My experiences with you have healed me on such a deep level and I know it has been nourishing for you too. I bow to you my king, you will always have a special place in my heart. I saw the divine in you and I know you saw it in me. I am also aware that we were mirroring the divine within ourselves. My meeting with you was a deeper invitation to learn through and follow the path of love, to recognise the beloved in everyone and not confuse their personality with their divine nature. 

May we all find the path of love where we see the divine in ourselves and others.